Texas girl, 12, undergoes life-changing weight-loss surgery

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CINCINNATI, OH – Childhood obesity is a major problem here in the U.S.

But for one little girl, no amount of Michelle Obama-approved exercise will help.

Brain surgery back in 2011 damaged 12-year-old Alexis Shapiro’s hypothalamus. This means she feels constant hunger, causing her weight to skyrocket from about 50 pounds to over 200.

But there’s new hope for the Cibolo, Texas, native. She underwent surgery in Cincinnati Friday with the goal of helping her lose weight.

Complications prevented doctors from performing the planned gastric bypass procedure, but they were able to complete a sleeve gastrectomy, removing a portion of her stomach.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital live tweeted the whole thing, and said gastric bypass and removal of the vagus nerve to curb hunger will be re-scheduled.

The Shapiro family’s struggles aren’t over yet, but this is a potentially life-changing step towards Alexis’ goal.

Her parents say it’s simple: Alexis just wants to go back to being a “normal” kid, able to run and play with her brother and sister again.

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