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Woman has stroke on flight from London to Boston

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BOSTON, MA- What would you do if you suddenly started having a stroke– at 35,000 feet… above the Atlantic Ocean?

Linda Keir was on a flight from London to Boston when the right side of her body went numb. Soon, she couldn’t move or speak.

Linda was having a stroke

“I said to the flight attendant, whoa whoa, stop, I think my wife’s actually having a stroke at the moment,” her husband said.

The quick-thinking pilot throttled up and called ahead to the folks at mass general, who were ready for keir as soon as the flight landed.

Because in the case of a stroke, time is of the essence.

Doctors at the hospital fast-tracked her- giving her a life-saving drug within 13 minutes of landing and in less than hour, she was in surgery. Talk about a ‘stroke’ of luck.

When she came to, Keir was surprised she survived.

You know what else she won’t believe? Her hospital bill.