Tyler artist creates sculpture with Houston Alzheimer’s patients

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HOUSTON, TX – An Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be devastating for the whole family.

That’s why the Houston chapter of the Alzheimer’s association is doing all they can to keep patients and families active — including inviting artist Abhidnya Ghuge to help with a special project.

“We thought it would be a wonderful way to engage some of our early stage families in the process of producing this art,” says Teri Miller, Alzheimer’s Association early stage manager.

The sculpture is made of stamped paper plates inside a giant wire structure.

Once finished, it’ll take up much of the atrium of the Alzheimer’s Association’s brand new building in southeast Houston.

Patients and families are involved every step of the way, from designing the prints to installing the piece.

“Right now they’re folding the paper plates for me,” artist Ghuge says. “And then later on they’ll plug those plates into the wire.”

Staying active through projects like this — is key for early stage Alzheimer’s sufferers.

“To be engaged and for it to be meaningful, in other words this is not busy work, this is impactful,” Miller says, “they were very excited about being part of it.

But the artist behind it all says she’s also getting a lot out of working with the patients — and their families, too.

“It has been an incredible experience for me,” Ghuge says. “Without thinking twice I would do it again.”

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