Museum statue broken by student taking selfie

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MILAN, ITALY- This may be a first… a selfie leads to an amputation?

In Milan, Italy, the “Drunk Satyr” statue was damaged at the world-renowned Brera Academy when someone climbed on top of it to take a selfie. The statue lost his left leg, and probably his last bit of dignity. Sounds like the statue wasn’t the only one who was drunk.

The museum made the unfortunate discovery on Tuesday; but can’t identify the culprit because the surveillance camera is also broken.

It hasn’t been a good year for statues.

Just this august in Florence, Italy, an American surgeon performed a successful finger amputation on a 600-year-old statue. The doctor was not praised for his heroic actions. Instead, he was arrested but later sent packing after a big apology.

Okay, folks – no matter how cool the selfie may be, repeat after me: don’t touch the art!

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