Teen killed trying to save girlfriend from oncoming train

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SACRAMENTO, CA – It sounds like a tragic ending to a Nicholas Sparks novel: a teenage boy killed by an oncoming train while trying to save his girlfriend. This was no work of fiction, though. It happened to a teen on his way home from a Sadie Hawkins dance at a high school in a small town near Sacramento.

Mateus Moore and 16-year-old Mickayla Friend didn’t hear the train approaching as they crossed the tracks, but Moore managed to push his girlfriend out of the train’s path in a split second. The conductor says he blew his horn and pulled the emergency brake, but it was too late. The train was unable to stop before hitting the teen.

Mickayla remains in critical condition at a local hospital with traumatic injuries, including bleeding in the brain.

Hundreds gathered at a vigil at a little league field to remember the heroic teen.

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