7 million deaths caused by air pollution in 2012

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GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Cough cough – having trouble breathing? You’re not alone! In 2012, 7 million people died from air pollution related illnesses world-wide, says the World Health Organization.

Don’t panic! In Houston, you can take a deep breath.

Most deaths, took place took place in poverty-stricken regions of the world and are caused by ‘indoor’ air pollution.

“Indoor air pollution derives from old-fashioned methods of cooking and heating without adequate ventilation,” explains Dr. Richard Castriotta with UTHealth Medical School. “So you’re talking about wood fires, coal fires, manure fires. People would burn anything that’s burnable.”

Southeast Asia and Africa bear the brunt of most fatalities.

China and Eastern Europe lead in outdoor air pollution deaths because of poor regulations on industrial polluters.

Strict regulations in the U.S., Europe and other Developed countries have made our air much safer to breath. Though Houston could improve its air quality, it ranks 17th in particulate pollution caused by industry.

“It’s in controllable percentages, way out of proportion to the millions that are dying in the under developed world.”

Breathe easy. Isn’t it nice to know one statistic in Houston were the numbers get smaller, and is a good thing?!


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