Armed robbers target Denny’s in NW Harris County

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HARRIS COUNTY – 24-hour Denny’s restaurants are hotspots for post-midnight snacks. They can also, like other round-the-clock places, be hotspots for crime.

Just seven months after a customer was killed during a robbery at a west Houston Denny’s, another Denny’s was targeted by gunmen.

It all went down around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning on FM 1960 at Butte Creek. Manager Eva Mendes was chatting with her cook when, “I hear her say, ‘Oh lord, please, don’t hurt us.’ As I look up, there’s two men with shotguns.”

She took them to the office where she says the three men got testy over how much money was in the safe…or not.

“They said, ‘This isn’t anything, where’s the rest of the money?’ I said, ‘It’s Monday night, we’re not so busy tonight.'”

No one was killed this time, but a server was pistol-whipped and hospitalized.

Another worker managed to flee and flag down a tow truck driver for help.

Cops are searching for the gunmen, but Mendes is just thankful to be alive.

Not quite the slow Monday night she’d been expecting.

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