Bad weather may halt Galveston Bay oil spill cleanup

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GALVESTON, TX – They say oil and water don’t mix. That’s definitely the case in Galveston Bay, reeling from nearly 170,000 gallons of fuel oil dumped into it.

Clean-up efforts continue, but windy weather isn’t helping.

The Coast Guard says they could potentially stall operations for the safety of clean up crews, though it’s not all bad news.

“The silver lining of it all is that weather could potentially push pockets of oil that we couldn’t get to and allow us to recover as well as contain those pockets of oil,” Coast Guard Lt. Sam Danus said.

The ship channel is open again, at least during daylight hours, but dozens of ships are backed up, waiting to get in and out.

Local businesses are feeling the burn, as fishing and ship movement is stalled.

A number of Galveston-area businesses filed a class-action lawsuit against the companies that own the two ships responsible the spill.

They’re looking to recoup some of their losses since the accident.

But for now, anyone whose job depends on Galveston Bay is suffering.

Clean-up crews might be making progress, but it looks like this oil slick will be leaving quite a sticky residue.

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