Creepy clown is freaking out Staten Island residents

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STATEN ISLAND, NY – Clowns are supposed to be funny, but this one: fuhgeddaboudit!

Folks in the New York City borough of Staten Island are being spooked by the sight of a scary clown and for many, this merrymaking is no laughing matter.

The goodfellas across the river are deadly serious, by saying the clown creeps them out. Residents have been posting pictures and videos on social media of a person dressed in puffy yellow outfit, big red shoes and in clown-face, holding balloons and waving at passersby.

The mysterious clown has turned up at various locations and no one knows who this clown is or why he’s clowning around, but sightings of this silent stooge has many New Yorkers tawkin’! The clown has a scary face, but he’s more like a silly farce, because many who have posted pics of the prankster (including our comedian friend ova’here) have been linked to a horror movie production company called Fuzz on the Lens Productions.

Looks like this circus freak is nothing more than a publicity stunt. So sorry for those thinking there was something sinister happening in Staten Island, cause this clown is definitely not like Stephen King’s “It”.

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