Bank mistakenly deposits $31K into wrong account, teen spends it

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HULL, GA – What’s in a name? Everything, if you’re Steven Fields from Madison County, Georgia.

He deposited $31,000 of his own money into his First Citizens Bank account. Only the bank mistakenly places the large sum into the wrong account belonging to a different Steven Fields. So when 18-year-old Steven Fields, let’s call him “the teen” so we don’t get confused, notices the new cash in his account he rushes to withdraw $20 grand and spends $5,000 over the next 10 days.

Talk about burning a hole.

Finally, when the original Steven Fields tried to access his funds and notifies the bank of their high-end error, the bank in turn notifies “the teen” and the police.

Steven Fields, “the teen”, claims he inherited the moo-la from his grandmother.

There’s no word from the bank or either Steven Fields and the matter is under investigation.

Moral to this one folks? Before naming your newborn baby, you might want to check with the bank first.