Dress code controversies in schools

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EVANSTON, IL – Yoga pants and leggings are rather popular nowadays. Most of the world seems to appreciate the new trend, but not everyone.

Teachers at an Evanston, Illinois middle school have reportedly banned the tight pants, because they are too distracting to boys. Now girls are arguing that the stupid stance places an unfair burden of fixing boy’s distractedness and juvenile attitudes on them. Besides that, it makes them guilty for their bodies.

Some 500 students have signed a petition.

In the meantime, another school clothing controversy is brewing in Virginia.

Administrators at Timberlake Christian threatened to kick an 8-year-old girl out, for dressing like a boy.  A letter went home to Sunnie Kahle’s grandparents, who raise her, saying that other students are confused about her gender, and that administrators can refuse enrollment for condoning any form of “sexual immorality.”  It goes on to quote scripture.

“How do you label a child, 8-years-old, or discriminate against an 8-year-old child? It just don’t happen,” says Carroll Thompson, Sunnie’s grandfather.

The Thompsons promptly pulled Sunnie out of the institution. She’s now in public school.

As long as she doesn’t wear leggings, hopefully, this will be a better fit.