Obamacare enrollment rises

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WASHINGTON, D.C – Are you “sick” of hearing about healthcare? Well, time is running out to enroll. The deadline is March 31st. So, how many of you are signed up?

In spite of all the mishaps and glitches with the healthcare.gov website, it finally looks like it may be working!

Although enrollment started out with disappointing numbers…

Now more than six million people enrolled for insurance under Obamacare — according to the White House.

So, does this make the president’s healthcare plan a success?

Only time will tell. While we wait to see, you should know the deadline has been extended for some folks.

that would be for those who have applied for coverage…but have not completed enrollment.

If that’s you, you have until mid-April.

That move didn’t sit well with Republicans.

John Boener stated, “Last night brought us yet another delay of Obamacare, another deadline made meaningless.”

On a day when one poll says only 26 percent of Americans support Obamacare…

We know the government says a lot of things.

So pay now with your new premium or pay later with a tax fine.

You’ll pay up one way or another!

Watch out! they may burn the money from your hands.

Might as well get the coverage if you’re going to pay, right?