Oklahoma child falls sick after drinking E-cig juice

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK –  A 4-year-old in Oklahoma City was rushed to the emergency room after taking apart E-cigs and swallowing the liquid contents.

His mother reported hearing a noise, and finding the lid off of all of the E-cigs with the liquid spilled everywhere.

“He’s got it all over him. He’s been eating it,” says Ren Gaulrapp, the boy’s mother. “The liquid itself is very sweet. There’s not really anything in it in the lower nicotine levels that are going to discourage a child from wanting to play in them.”

The big problem with the E-cigs is that the drug inside them is poisonous. It’s potent, liquid nicotine mixed with fun flavors to attract you. According to the New York Times, even a teaspoon of the diluted liquid could kill a small child. Another problem with the E-cigs is that they are not federally regulated, so quality control is sketchy.

The little boy is doing fine.