Russian officials are dumping iPads for Samsung tablets.

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MOSCOW, Russia – Hurry up guys and go check eBay! The Russians are selling their iPads. Vladimir Putin’s comrades are reportedly getting rid of their Apple tablets arguing that they want to prevent Americans from sticking their noses into their secrets. Oh, please! Crime-a-river!

Secrets, you said? It’s no secret everybody sees you -Mr. Putin- as the crazy bear. Either way, do you know who’s winning big with this gadget swap? Samsung. Yes, fearing a financial boycott coming from the West, it looks like the Russians are now turning to South Korea and China for their goodies.

“An impressive record, Putin has!” – Master Yoda would say. He cracks down on dissidents, terrorizes gays, supports murderous dictators, invades neighboring countries, has no taste for fashion and now he even rejects Apple. How dare you?! Here’s a guy you would definitely not call a hipster.