Texas City Class Act lets her voice be heard

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TEXAS CITY, TX – “Being in front of people making people happy, that’s what I get a joy out of making other people happy.”

That’s the type of attitude you want from your co-captain cheerleader. Just one of the many reasons that Texas City High School’s Kierra Sam is CW39’s Class Act of the Week.

Kathy Skinner, Texas City High School Chorale Director, says, “She’s a very vivacious, energetic and happy person. She loves to sing and loves to perform.”

Kierra says Mariah Carey is one of her favorite singers, and she’s not afraid to use her voice like her idol.

Kierra says,  “It’s a way to express yourself. Not everyone has the gift,  so if you have it, use it.”

Kierra does use it as a member of the Texas City High School Choir, plus she’s a member of the speech and debate club, National Honor Society and the thespian society.

Kierra adds,  “I’m very ambitious and I have a drive, and I want to do more.”

She’s only a junior, but she knows that she wants to study broadcast journalism at the University of Houston.

Kierra says, “I like talking. I like to be giving information to people and talking. It’s just fun.”

Skinner adds, “She’s great to be in front of the camera. She’s in our show choir and she has what we call a Disney smile, and she loves to perform. She’s not afraid of cameras or crowds.”

Despite being so involved with clubs and activities, she’s nothing but straight A’s in the classroom, and wait until you hear how she spent her most recent birthday.

“I went to… me and a group of friends went to Saint Vincent’s in Galveston and donated about four hours, just for fun . I really want to make other people happy on my birthday. It just makes me happy.”

Now, that’s classy.

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