Texas’ population growing like a weed

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HOUSTON, TX – Harris County added 243,688 people between April 2010 and July 2013 and is now the most populous county in our great state with more than 4 million residents.

Our ugly step sister, Dallas, gained more than a 100,000 people but that’s only good enough for second on the list – with 2.4 million dwellers in Dallas County and 1.9 mil in Tarrant County. San Antonio’s Bexar County and Austin’s Travis County also grew in population. According to numbers crunchers at the Census Bureau Harris County isn’t the only county around here growing by leaps and bounds.

Fort Bend County was one of the fast growing counties in the state, with an 11% increase. While that’s quite a growth spurt, it was only enough to rank them 5th.

It seems folks love Loving County in West Texas, where the population jumped more than 15%. Andrews Country nabbed second place with a 13.6% increase while Kendall and Hays counties were close behind.

The bottom line, people are moving to the great state of Texas because we’re bigger and our economy is better. And if you’re considering a move to the Lone Star state, Max Bruederli says, “Stay put, don’t come. We have enough.”