TSA recommends more armed security at airports

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tsaLOS ANGELES, CA – You might see a lot more people packing heat at the airport in the near future, but don’t worry, they`ll all be trained professionals.

The TSA issued a report on airport security, recommending more armed security officials during peak flying hours.

This comes just five months after a TSA worker was shot and killed during a rampage at LAX.

Armed security guards are just one suggestion on a list of 14.

Other ideas include more active-shooter training and reinforcing emergency procedures.

While the TSA is working on ensuring your personal safety, the safety of your luggage might be questionable, at least if you’ve recently traveled through LAX.

Cops made multiple arrests in L.A. Wednesday night after discovering some sticky-fingered airport employees have been stealing stuff right from travelers’ suitcases.

Authorities served more than two dozen search warrants, so this was quite a theft ring.

Now that the culprits are under arrest, LAX passengers can rest assured their luggage is safe, assuming it actually arrives in the correct city.

No guarantees yet on that front.