Weather remains a factor in oil spill cleanup

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GALVESTON, TX – It’s clean up time in Harbor House Marina on Galveston Island.

There’s still so much work that needs to been done in the wake of that oil tanker collision that dumped over 160,000 gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

The Central Texas Coastal Area Committee has teamed up with the coast guard to bring together 150 volunteers per day, to help asses and clean close to 30 miles of tainted shoreline.

Currently there’s 17 work boats spread out between the Houston, Texas City and Galveston ship channels.

On Galveston Island — 3 work boats and a crew of about 15 people work to hand clean, boats with a special treatment to remove the oil.

So far a total of 34 vessels have been cleaned, but there’s still a lot on the to-do list.

Another 25 industrial boats, at least 35 fishing boats and 7 recreational water crafts.

The weather has played into this process too. Crews can only work during daylight hours, and with appropriate conditions.

The better the weather, the more work they’re knocking out.

Now it’s a matter of figuring out what’s next for the oiled water… and how Galveston Bay can stay afloat.