What’s hot and delicious and pink all over? The Pink Box.

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HOUSTON, TX – Alright Houston, you know what day it is. It’s Friday. But not just any Friday, it’s the last Friday of the month. That means: Food Truck Friday. And this month, we’re going pink. Welcome to the Pink Box.

“That’s our signature pink taco,” co-owner Greg Hernandez says putting the final touches on a bright pink taco. “That’s what we make. Pink tortillas, pink sour cream, you know, people love it. People, when they come out and they try it, they’re like, ‘wow your tacos are really pink,’ it’s like, ‘yeah, what did you think it was? come on.'”

The concept came nearly by accident.

“Our wives wanted the trailer for cupcakes,” Hernandez explains, “so we kind of thought about building a cupcake trailer or using the trailer for a cupcake trailer.”

But when the cupcake business went belly up, friends Greg and John took over.

“The whole trailer had that flashing, you know, it was pink, and we said, ‘well, you know what, lets start a taco truck, man, call it the Pink Taco.”

It was a success. At first. “We trademarked it, we put in our stuff to trademark the Pink Taco as a mobile food unit, and we got a message on Facebook, of all places, saying, ‘can we get your address so we can send you a cease and desist letter?’ I thought it was a joke.”

But it wasn’t. Turns out there was another chain of restaurants in Los Angeles called the Pink Taco, so reluctantly they changed the name to the Pink Box. But that hasn’t slowed them down a bit because Chew on This: Greg Hernandez is a cancer survivor. And the color pink means more than just tacos.

“Of course we go out and we do our donations,” partner John Hindman says, “generally give anywhere from twenty to thirty percent.”

Regardless what you call them, as long as the folks keep coming, they’ll keep making them. Pink all the way.