Anyone but Rob Ford Campaign starts in Canada

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TORONTO, CANADA – What do we know about Canadian politics; Toronto Mayor Robbie Ford smokes crack, admits to it and in January files for re-election.

Recently, 100 dirty political signs spoofing Toronto’s favorite substance abusing mayor are popping up in parks all over the city thanks to the grassroots group The posters spotlight faux candidates with outrageous slogans like “When I urinate in public, I never get caught on camera” or “elect Jeff McElroy he promises to just smoke pot as mayor…not crack.”

Harsh but you get the point.

So, we checked around Houston looking for some sinister signs and only found this boring signage that’s easily forgotten. Nothing along the lines of “The current mayor threatens to kill people and get publically drunk. If elected I promise to just get publicly drunk.”

Classic! Best part is we can always just blame Canada.

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