Child Abuse Prevention month is all about awareness

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s all about stepping up for the children. The sad story of the 5-year-old boy in Spring, allegedly starved by his father and step mother, brings to light, the enormous concern over child abuse. Sad coincidence – April happens to be Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Escape Family Resource Center’s chief program officer, Nicole Huff explained, “Child Abuse Prevention Month is really to bring awareness around the issues of safety for children and to let people know that there are resources, there is help out there, there is education information.”

Nationwide in 2012, nearly 700,000 children were victimized, including 1,640 who died. In Texas in 2013, there were over 40,000 confirmed cases of child abuse or neglect.

“The issues of child abuse are often related to lack of education or knowledge on a parent’s part. We tend to parent the way we were parented, and if it wasn’t the greatest way and you haven’t learned other skills,” said Huff

Parenting isn’t easy and doesn’t require any certification, which sometimes (more often than we’d like), puts the responsibility on others to look out for the kids.

“Everyone has an obligation towards children and families and preventing child abuse.”

Escape Family Resource Center provides classes for families.

“We focus on things such as stress management, understanding child development, looking at discipline versus punishment of a child.”

When it comes down to it, kids need our help. whether you’re a neighbor, teacher or simply someone passing by who sees a reason for concern – if you see something — speak up.

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