Cutting it Close: Man survives chainsaw going into his neck

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ROSS TOWNSHIP, PA – James Valentine, a Pennsylvania tree trimmer is recovering after getting a chainsaw lodged in his neck.

21-year-old Valentine says at the time he was cutting at an unusual angle to avoid power lines.

“I just revved it up, and it kicked back out on me and nicked me right here and got stuck in me right there, and that’s when I tried to get out of the tree,” says Valentine.

The blade of the chainsaw went into his left shoulder and cut into his neck.

A co-worker helped Valentine down from the tree.

Valentine arrived at the hospital with the chainsaw still stuck in his neck, which actually stopped the bleeding.

His surgeon, Dr. Christine Toevs say, “In his case blessedly. He missed every important structure, just had a little muscle, what we call muscle and soft tissue and skin, and we fixed that and repaired that, and he’s done quite well.”

Valentine’s taking a few days to recover from this pain in the neck but then plans getting right back to work.

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