Houston man takes ambulance for joy ride

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HOUSTON, TX – Houston police say 32-year-old Joey Sheldon Reed decided it was a good idea to steal an ambulance Tuesday night.

It started with a routine call, but when the guy got aggressive and the Houston Fire Department called for backup, things got a little crazy.

Reed ran away from the firemen and managed to steal an ambulance. The Houston Police Department was able to track the ambulance thanks to GPS.

When they caught up with the ambulance joy rider at 288 and Shadow Creek, the situation went from crazy to downright disgusting.

“When they did take him into custody,” HPD Lt. Larry Crowson said, “he spit up some white chunks which we later tested and found out were crack cocaine.”

The man is now in police custody, and we can thank him for reminding us: Just say ‘no’ to drugs.

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