Malaysian passengers cleared of any sabotaging or hijacking charges

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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – There’s been “breaking news” on that missing Malaysian plane almost every day but still no wreckage, no clues, no motive… nothing.

So, is anything new? Investigators are now officially saying they’re sure none of the passengers were involved in hijacking or sabotaging the missing plane.

Kinda putting the cart before the horse, guys?

This shifts the blame over to the 12 person crew, including the captain and co-pilot; but hasn’t the spotlight already been on them for quite a while?

Mechanical failure hasn’t been ruled out at this point, nothing short of an alien takeover has; but Malaysian police say they’re looking at four possibilities: hijacking, sabotage, personal problems, or psychological issues.

Meanwhile, the massive search continues without a sign of the Boeing 777. And the area that searchers have now zeroed in on is the size of New Mexico.

The news about the black box isn’t good, either: Australian authorities are in a race against time to find it. The box has a signal that’s usually good for only 30 days. It could potentially “ping” for a bit longer, or the battery may already be gone.

So here’s the news we know: Malaysian Air 370… Still missing.

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