Man claims Houston cops beat, stole his money while in jail

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HOUSTON, TX – Jail fights are pretty common; but getting a beat down and your money stolen by the police after you’ve been arrested!? — not cool.

That’s what 45-year-old John Abbott’s attorney says happened to his client after abbot was arrested for public intoxication. Get this, Abbott was never charged for the crime!

Still, he spent time in the city jail after his arrest. It was while he was being booked that Abbott says he took a beating from Houston cops and oh yea, for good measure he says they took his money, 160 bucks.

Abbott landed in the hospital, slammed with $220,000 in medical bills according to his attorney.

Randall Kallinen is representing John Abbott in the federal suit and released a statement saying, “Brain injuries, he had a fractured back, he had multiple bruises throughout his entire body…a damaged liver, a damaged kidney…all from an unjustified beating that he received over here at the Houston city jail.”

Abbott filed a federal lawsuit against the city for the incident. The city released a statement in response to Abbott’s complaint saying, “We disagree with the factual allegations of the lawsuit and intend a vigorous defense of the City’s position.”

It’s going to take time and litigation to sort this one out.

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