2 baby elephants, 2 big adventures

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ZULULAND, SOUTH AFRICA – Two baby elephants, two big adventures!

First, the 10-day-old little lady in South Africa, who somehow got lost from her family and wondered several miles, ending up in the living room of a private game reserve’s director!

It’s all pretty unusual. Elephants have tight-knit families, so how — and why– the little girl (interestingly named “Tom”) got lost.

But there is a happy ending. The nice folks gave Tom some food and water, while rangers went to find her folks. In the end, the baby was reunited with her momma.

And it all worked out okay for Duncan at the Houston Zoo this week, too. This little tyke, who was just born about seven weeks back, got accidentally pushed outside of his enclosure by a relative, while taking a snooze!

When Duncan woke up, he was trapped under cables and couldn’t stand up. His family reportedly tried to help, but only made it worse.  Zoo officials were ultimately able to save the day.

As they say, all is well that ends well.  But these little guys will never forget.

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