7 dead after World War II bomb explodes in Bangkok

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BANGKOK, THAILAND – Seven people are dead after scrapyard workers in Bangkok accidentally detonated a World War II-era bomb. 19 others were injured.

The bomb was discovered at a construction site and thinking it had long ago been deactivated, scrapyard workers moved it to their yard to cut it up into smaller pieces.

Unfortunately, not a good decision.

Once they took the metal cutters to it it exploded shattering so many lives.

Police say the bomb was World War II vintage; but not sure exactly where it came from.

In 1944, both British and American bombers attacked Bangkok, while Thailand was an ally of Japan.

Unbelievably this was the second war-era bomb discovered in Bangkok in less than a week.

A similar device was safely deactivated.

The wounds of war just never seem to end.

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