“Chicken from hell” dinosaur discovered

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HELL CREEK, DAKOTAS – Hello science fans, today we’re talking dinosaurs.

A new dinosaur species has been discovered at Hell Creek in the Dakotas (North and South Dakota). Its scientific name is Anzu Wyliei but paleontologists are calling it, “The Chicken from Hell.”

Detailed in the journal PLOS One, this feathered beast lived 66-million-years-ago at the end of the Cretaceous Period. This was one tough bird, standing 5 feet tall with a colorful, bony crest and 11 feet long with a reptilian-like tail. No “little chicken” but to a T-Rex it probably looked like a chicken McNugget.

With a nickname like “Chicken from Hell” you might expect it to have BIG teeth. Nope, no teeth just a beak for eating plants and small animals.  This discovery offers more proof that birds are descendants of small predatory dinosaurs.

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