Dead hoarder found under trash

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DALLAS, TX —  A man who had trouble throwing things out….appears to have thrown his own life away. The 67 year old hoarder was found dead in his home, pinned under his own debris. His body was discovered after crews spent days wading through his possessions. The home’s front and back doors, and all window entrances, were blocked by refuse. Crews had to cut a hole in the roof to gain access to the home.

Once they cleared enough trash away from a window, the medical examiner crawled through it and over walls of trash just to examine the guy. Friends of the dead hoarder called police when they didn’t hear from him for a while. Out of the wasteland, came “Buddy” the man`s dog, and a good samaritan neighbor stepped in to care for him.

Experts say hoarding is a form of obsessive compulsive disorder. If you know someone you might think is suffering, The International OCD Foundation offers these tips.

• Help your loved one find a professional in your area
• Be patient
• Reward progress
• Show them kindness

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