NTSB sends reminder to pilots to land at right airport

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BRANSON, MO – After several disturbing incidents of planes landing at the wrong airport, the NTSB — that’s short for the National Transportation Safety Board — released an alert reminding pilots to land at the right airport.

Can’t be that hard, right?

Well, apparently it was for a few pilots.

The FAA just released recordings from January when a Southwest flight Landed in Branson, MO. We’ll give him credit: the pilot got the city right, but the airport he was supposed to land at was seven miles away from the one he actually landed at.

The airport runway where he was at was 4,000 feet while the airport he was supposed to land at was 7,000 feet. Luckily, the pilot hit the brake hard and no one was injured.

A pilot made a similar mistake in November, landing at the wrong airport in Wichita, KS. He mistook Wichita’s Jabara Airport for the McConnell Air Force Base. The runway was around 6,000 feet, presenting a pretty big problem for the huge cargo plane which needs at least 9,000 feet to take off.

With the live feed rolling and a horde of engineers biting their nails, the plane was able to take off from the shorter runway.

So the NTSB thought it would be a good idea to tell pilots to know where they are before the wheels hit the ground.

With all of that fancy navigation equipment in the cockpit, you’d think they’d know where they’re going. Maybe it’s time to try a map.

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