Join the Mile High Club On-Board the Love Cloud

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Wanna join the Mile High Club but don’t want to get caught? How about chartering a plane just to do the hippity in the clouds?

An LA entrepreneur is making it easier for you to join the Mile High Club. He has created a company called the Love Cloud. For $799 you can enjoy a 40-minute ride or if you’re a big balla you can upgrade to 90 minutes for $1,299. Cold hard, Benjamins gets you a trip over sights like the Hoover Dam, the Vegas strip, and once back on land you get an official “Mile High VIP” card.

And this is no ordinary aircraft. It provides the ultimate Mile High experience with a bed, looking like something from the 70s, heart shaped pillows. Oh yeah this is like an upgraded Motel 6 in the air. Did I mention they also have a playlist? Talk about the friendly skies.

Worried about the pilot being distracted? Never fear, they wear noise cancelling headphones. Oh and after every flight there’s a cleaning crew that gets rid of all the evidence and germs for the next passengers.

Besides the fact that there’s no way in H E double L I would ever have sex in a plane, in that bed, with someone’s leftovers and a creepy pilot flying you around Vegas. Isn’t the whole point of joining the Mile Club to sneak around and actually get away with it? This is too easy (no pun intended).

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.

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