US adds 192K new jobs in March

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HOUSTON, TX – The Labor Department say 192,000 new jobs were added just last month.

“My husband probably did 3 or 4 interviews and actually receive every job that he applied for. So, at least in Houston the jobs are a lot easier to obtain than they are in the Midwest,” said Latesha James.

And that’s after an increase of 197,000 positions across the country in February. Oddly enough, the unemployment rate, unchanged, is still at 6.7%. Better news for us in the Lone Star State where the unemployment rate was only 5.7% in February.

“I’m a limousine driver. I have been very busy for the last couple of months. That indicates to me that there is a job out there,” according to Binyam Altly.

Not everyone agrees.

Charles Thoma said,”I think they’re just saying that to keep peoples hopes up. I don’t really believe there are many jobs.”

All jobs were added in the private sector, and the government didn’t account for any of those!

Manufacturing positions fell by 1000, but with car sales rising in March, there’s hope someone will be parked in those spots soon enough.

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