Army officials release detailed timeline of Fort Hood shooting

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FORT HOOD, TX – Eight minutes, 35 rounds.

That’s all it took, officials say, for Army Specialist Ivan Lopez to kill three soldiers and wound 16 others at Fort Hood April 2nd.

Army officials revealed a timeline of the shooting in chilling detail.

It started with an argument.

“We can confirm that the alleged shooter, specialist Ivan Lopez, was involved in a verbal altercation concerning his request for leave,” said Chris Grey, spokesperson for the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command.

Minutes later, officials say, Lopez returned with a .45-caliber handgun, firing shots in his unit’s administrative office. One person was killed, 10 wounded in that building.

According to the timeline, Lopez then got in his car and drove to another office, allegedly firing shots along the way, wounding one.

Officials say Lopez entered two more buildings. A soldier was shot and killed in each, and five were wounded.

Finally, he drove to a nearby parking lot where he was confronted by a female military police officer.

“The subject then allegedly placed his .45 caliber handgun to his head and took his own life,” Grey said.

Eight minutes and 35 rounds later, three innocent lives over — dozens of others shattered.