Fed up dad moves daughter’s furniture to lawn as punishment

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LONG COUNTY, GA – Some girls are masters of the eye roll. Except one Georgia teen’s eye roll turned into a double take when she found her bedroom in the front yard!

Her old man, Craig Schlichenmeyer was fed up with telling his daughter Haley to clean her room.

So he swept her room, out the door…

“One day I had enough of it, and i just picked up her belongings and set her room up in the driveway,” said Schlichenmeyer.

Just another case of parent public shaming ?

Remember that dad who publicly shot his daughter’s laptop after her rant on Facebook?

Or the mom who made her daughter hold an “I’m sorry” sign for bullying? Which made some folks ask, “who’s the bully now?”

Well, it turns out Schlichenmeyer got a positive response when his story went viral. Seems like dad and daughter are starting off on a clean slate.

“No, my intention was just to surprise her a little bit and let her know that we were serious about taking ownership and pride in her room and doing the right thing. When we tell her to clean it up, you need to clean it up,” he said.

Haley got the message and has moved her belongings back inside.

When this dad cleans house, he means it!