Man sues nursing home after facility hosted male stripper

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WEST BABYLON, NY – An elderly woman gets a bump and grind from a male stripper in her nursing home, but it’s her family members that are now feeling all hot and bothered.

The sons of 86-year-old Bernice Youngblood are so outraged after seeing a picture of a gyrating man in tighty-whities practically mounting their mother at her assisted living facility, that they’re filing a lawsuit over the little old lady’s lapdance.

Franklin Youngblood is suing the East Neck Nursing Center in West Babylon, for allowing this alleged strip show at his mom’s home. He’s seeking punitive damages and criminal charges against the old age facility. But the lawyers for the nursing home say the facility has a board, governed by the elderly residents who voted for this so-called exotic entertainment and only those who wanted to be there attended.

The picture does show wheelchair bound Bernice stuffing money down the dancers skivvies, but family members claim she didn’t know what was going on because of her dementia.

So was it a fond memory, or just a hazy one? Bernice will always have this picture to help her remember.