Ship detects 2 new pings in search for missing plane

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PERTH, AUSTRALIA – Good news, maybe. The Ocean Shield ship has two new ping signals in the search for Malaysian flight 370.

Angus Houston with the Joint Agency Coordination Center says, “the signals we have picked up recently have been much weaker than the original signals we picked up… so that means probably we’re either a long way away from it; or in my view, more likely the batteries are starting to fade.”

The search is all about the race against time; so crews want to move more quickly before the batteries in the black box fade completely.  Once the batteries are dead, search crews will send out an underwater vehicle, the Blue Fin-21, to search an area about the size of South Carolina.

The pinging back and forth is starting to sound more like a something in a pin ball machine; a fast-paced game that’s not easy to win. For now, the game is not over.