62-year-old bully gets humiliated

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SOUTH EUCLID, OH – There’s nothing fun about public humiliation. Just ask the man in Ohio who had to hold a sign at a busy intersection that says “I am a bully.”

Edmond Aviv is paying the price for harassing his neighbors and making fun of their disabled adopted children.

Giving him a dose of his own medicine, a judge ordered Aviv to stand on the corner and let the world know what a jerk he can be.

Apparently bullies come in all ages, Aviv is 62-years-old and he probably hasn’t seen a punishment like this in his golden years.

Neighbors also say Edmond smeared doggie doo-doo on their house!

The Prugh family says they’ve been to court five times in the past 15 years to deal with similar dogmatic acts Aviv’s tried.

Guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But, this time, the joke’s on him.

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