Colorado man sues Idaho police for “license-plate profiling”

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BOISE, ID – Darien Roseen says his Colorado license plates caused Idaho State Troopers to “weed” him out during a traffic stop.

Roseen claims an Idaho State Trooper began following him as soon as he crossed the Idaho State line. According to Roseen, the trooper pulled him over and started quizzing him about his, uh, smoking habits, all caught on dash cam.

When his search of Roseen’s truck came up empty, the trooper, Justin Klitch, took Roseen to a nearby sheriff’s office and made it a joint effort.

But no joints turned up, still no bust, Klitch gave Roseen a citation for careless driving and let him go.

Now Roseen is suing the Idaho State Police for what he calls “license-plate profiling.”

Note to Colorado drivers: always pack the Visine.

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