FDA approves fast-acting, at-home heroin overdose antidote

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SILVER SPRING, MD – If you thought car crashes were the top killer, not so fast. Overdose deaths are shooting up, around 16,000 folks a year, the biggest offenders – prescription pain killers and heroin.

But an antidote is on the way, the FDA just OK’d an overdose drug, called Nalaxone. It’s the perfect present for anyone who has a high-risk friend or family member. In case of an overdose this little device called Evzio will talk you through every step of the way, kind of like Siri, only this is serious.

Evzio is a tiny injector and with one stick it begins working its magic.

Without any training even you can stop someone from overdosing. Evzio takes effect in less than ten seconds and the life-saving drug will kick in well before an ambulance arrives.

Sound too good to be true? Hey, it’s got all the side effects commercials warn you about with every new drug, but at least the overdose victim’s got a shot.

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