Google Glass on sale for 24-hours

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HOUSTON, TX – Don’t be surprised if you see folks getting all Googly-eyed Tuesday! Google Glass is on sale to the public, one day only! $1,500 is all it takes to walk around looking like a real Glass-hole. In order to keep you from feeling like you’ve been completely taken advantage of, they’re throwing in free frames or sunglasses!

Don’t be surprised if your new face apparel creates a bit of a glass-clash.

There’s an online campaign called “Stop the Cyborgs” encouraging businesses not to allow glass-holes to wear devices inside as other customers have no idea if they’re being filmed or Googled!

Japanese researchers have even had the foresight to create “Anti-Glass” glasses. They use infrared LEDs to prevent you from being identified by those wearing Google Glasses.

The face-mounted-computer is only up for grabs on April 15th and supplies are limited, so if you would like to completely disengage from reality by wearing a computer on your head, go out and get a pair!

While you’re googly-eying us we’ll be laughing at you!

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