HISD unveils new mascots

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HOUSTON, TX – We’re here today to mourn the loss of some controversial characters. While they were the faces of H.I.S.D. schools for years it’s time to say goodbye to the Redskins, Indians, Rebels, and Warriors. While your names cannot live on, your spirits will.

So now that those losers are long gone, it’s on to bigger and better.

Since the Board of Education voted to prohibit using any race or ethnic group as a mascot or nickname, Lamar High School, Westbury High School, Hamilton Middle School and Welch Middle School all had to find new, fresh faced mascots.

Students, teachers, community members and alumni all weighed in, and here’s what they came up with:

The Hamilton Huskies. The Lamar Texans. The Welch Wolf Pack. The Westbury Huskies (again).

Is anyone else less than impressed?

Huskies are sled dogs, and this is Texas. The Texans? How original. The Welch Wolf Pack? Is anyone else channeling Allen from The Hangover?

We’ll embrace these new safe-scots with open arms, but we find the lack of creativity offensive!

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