Houston howls at the Blood Moon

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HOUSTON, TX – Did you see it? Up in the sky, around 4am? The moon turned blood red.

The legend, spontaneously created by NewsFix, goes, stare into the blood moon and say the words “bloody moony” three times and a red dragon will come and swallow earth whole.

Ok so, that may sound a bit out of this world; but some stories hitting social media are enough to make the blood curdle.

Meg Visage posts “witches use the blood moon to bring demons on earth” and Javier Perez wrote, “Death is coming in the form of world war 3.”

According to science, a shadow cast from the earth is projected onto the moon by the sun creates the blood moon eclipse.

There’s no vampire in the moon. It’s not the Jesus’ blood signaling the end of days.

It’s the first of 4 consecutive blood moon eclipses set to grace the night skies in the next year and a half. That’s a phenomenon not seen in the last 300 years.

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