Spring allergies to be the worst yet

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s here. Spring allergy season and it could become one of the worst ever.

The severe winter weather that hit most parts of the country this year, is responsible for turning this spring into allergy Apocalypse. Blame oak and cedar for that; and the Houstonians who aren’t blowing their noses constantly may be in denial.

Evelyn Clemens says, “Allergies have been just fine, no problem. I used to have allergy problems, but not now. i don’t know why but everything is just fine.”

Hurbert Lewis says, “No allergies, just a little coughing and sneezing every now and then, but no allergies”

At least that’s what this guy thinks.. maybe it`s time for some helpful hints.

Dr. Al Malick, from Houston Allergy and Asthma Clinic says, “Try to limit outdoor activities, especially first thing in the morning, pollen counts tend to be high between 5 and 10 in the morning. rinsing out the nose with some saline, not so much the moisturizing, mist sprays, more sort of the washes, that’ll put a stream into the nose. Those can be helpful, imagine if you would, pollen sitting in your nose 24/7 if your body has to deal with it, it’s going to mess things up. I certainly recommend trying to do those saline washes first, and then if that’s not doing enough, we have some excellent over the counter medicines now, especially the non- drowsy, or low drowsy anti-histamines.”

You can keep those tips, and maybe some tissue in your back pocket as we move more into the allergy season and just think; only eight more months of this left!

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