Tax Day Deadline: Americans rush to post office or file online

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HOUSTON, TX – April 15th: Tax Day. A day of sorrow for your wallet. Day of joy for the I.R.S.

In a last minute attempt to make the deadline, Americans from all walks of life rush to the post office or file online.

If you don’t meet the deadline, you can file form 4868 online, which gives you an automatic six-month extension until October 15th. If you procrastinate, be ware, there’s a fee of 5% of your tax due for every month that your return is late. Excuses are the one thing you can’t file.

And once you’re done crying and have fulfilled your patriotic duties, get ready for the freebies. Yes, even paying federal income taxes has a bright side. For example, Arby’s is giving away snack-sized orders of its curly fries when you print a coupon from the company’s website, while Hard Rock Cafe will give you a free dinner, but only after you perform a song on stage.  And there’s more. But now that you’ve mailed all your money to Uncle Sam, remember: by the time you’ve stopped cursing, another income tax will be due.

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