2 suspects arrested in gun thefts in Katy

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KATY, TX – It was a lunchtime lockdown at Rhoades Elementary in Katy.

Harris County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a home not far from the school.

Turns out the house, located on the 19000 block of Tree Orchard Drive had been broken into and some guns were missing.

Katy Independent School District was notified and Rhoades elementary placed on locked down as a precautionary measure, the building was secure and all the students were kept inside while deputies searched for two men who stole the weapons.

We tried to talk to the homeowner, but he didn’t want to go on camera.

We’re sure he was happy to get his guns back.

Less than two hours later, the suspects were tracked down and arrested.

People, if you have guns, lock them up! If you have children, hug em’ tight!