American lawyers offer services to families of Malaysian flight passengers

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BEIJING, CHINA – Over a month has passed since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared, and the families of passengers are still waiting to hear what happened to their loved ones.

Luckily, Americans are traveling to Beijing to selflessly offer their sincere condolences.

Or, you know, to make a few bucks off the families’ grief.

Despite the fact that Flight 370 took off from Malaysia, disappeared on the other side of the world, and carried mostly Chinese passengers, some plane-chasing American lawyers are in Beijing searching for new clients.

They claim the American court system is likely to award the highest payouts for the families, and their lawyers, of course.

A Chicago judge has already thrown out one case filed on behalf of a passenger’s relative, but that won’t keep lawyers from trying.

With the plane’s disappearance still largely a mystery, something tells us money is the last thing on family members’ minds.

And you wonder where all those lawyer jokes come from.