‘Dinner in the Dark’ at Hotel Zaza

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HOUSTON, TX – You’ve heard of blind dates. But what about a blind dinner — literally!

Wednesday night inside Hotel ZaZA marked the 5th annual “Dinner in the Dark”, where blindfolded guests grubbed on a delicious multi-course meal.

Could you imagine feeling your way around a dinner table? it’s what more than 100,000 blind or visually impaired Houstonians have to deal with every day.

The blindfolded-feast was put on by Houston’s Sight into Sound, an organization that’s been helping more than 100,000 blind and visually impaired Houstonians for the last 45 years.

Executive Chef Jeff Axline added to the dark-dining experience.

He didn’t tell any of the guests what was on menu was until after they were done eating.

What a cool way to teach the community to open their eyes to those suffering.

Makes ya stop and think, you really don’t have to see to believe.