Ebola outbreak sparks international concern

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GUINEA, WEST AFRICA – It’s like something straight out of a movie. A deadly virus. No real cure or vaccine. If that makes you want to panic, the good news is it’s isolated.

Though for the first time Ebola has entered a major city, in Conakry, Guinea and it has migrated into neighboring Liberia, experts say it can only be transferred through direct contact with bodily fluids.

“The risk is not the people dealing with Ebola patients, it’s for people dealing with regular patients not thinking that they have Ebola,” says Dr. Pierre Rollin, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Doctors say a vaccine is still a few years away. In the meantime, on average 70% of people who get the disease will die. As of late last week nearly 200 cases were reported in western Africa, with over 100 people dead.

Experts say it’s that unlikely Ebola will show up in the United States.