Ford Mustang turns 50-years-old

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HOUSTON, TX – In 1964 the Ford Motor Company ponied up with a new muscle car called a Mustang. Its debut came at the 1964 World’s Fair then later Ford showed it off from atop the Empire State Building.

“When this car was introduced everybody liked it- women, men, old, young, in between, married, unmarried- everybody liked the car,” says Ken Dougherty, owner of Auto Collectors Garage in southwest Houston.

To celebrate 5 decades of the iconic car Ford recreated the Empire State Building stunt by cutting the 2015 Mustang prototype into 5 pieces and reassembling it (in the snow) on top of the New York landmark.

“People can tell you that cars are just a way of commuting back and forth but Mustang is a lifestyle,” says Pablo Cantu the Inventory Manager of Sterling McCall Ford.

He and his colleagues are happily celebrating the golden milestone.

“This is one of the only cars that’s been on the road for a consecutive 50 years,” said Cantu.

If you want to own a 2015 model, you better put your order in early because Ford’s only making 1,964 of them; get it, 1964 – to honor the year it went on sale.