Home invasion surveillance video prompts look into home security

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HOUSTON, TX – They’re on the lookout in West Harris County, after a burglar is caught on surveillance camera creeping through a home. What’s really creepy about the video? When this lurking loser gets to the family’s sleeping baby, he stops and stares for a while.

“He’s looking at the child, and what would he do with a child? All it would do is wake up and make noise which is what you want to avoid,” says Roger Eckstine, who literally wrote the book on protecting your property from intrusion.

At Central Spy Shop in Northwest Houston he shows us how far you can go to keep your love ones safe.

“Visual barriers are first. Does that house look hard to get into?…does it have a double front door? Are their cameras outside that are going to record my entrance? Is there going to be an alarm?”

An intruder’s main tool is stealth, if you can take that away from them, you have the advantage.

“Once a person is inside the house you need a motion detector. That will provide warning, warning for them to get out or for you to take action.”

Whether that action is to engage or flee is up to you. Thankfully, the tiny tot in this video is fine. If you recognize, or have any information on who this creep is, call crime stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.